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Year: 2018

Can You Purchase a Home After Bankruptcy?

With bankruptcy, it’s difficult to understand exactly how your life will change. On the plus side, you can reduce and/or eliminate some or all of your debts. Conversely, bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit report and score, thus making it more difficult to secure a loan in the future. Although it’s not easy, you can buy a…

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Do You Know How To Avoid Medical Debt?

You hope you never have to receive medical care, but most people eventually do require some form of care. When you do, you often find that you need to juggle your health and finances at the same time. Even if you have medical insurance, bills can quickly pile up when you receive care. There are many steps you can take…

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Chapter 7 And Chapter 13: The Differences In These Bankruptcies

There are many people out there who may be confused by the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. First, both of these types of bankruptcies can be very useful to people who are looking to reorganize their finances and get to a healthier place financially. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is seen as the more traditional filing and one of the most…

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To File Or Not To File For Bankruptcy: That Is The Question

Are you currently trying to keep your head above water because of financial problems? Regardless of what exact issues derailed your money train, you are definitely not alone in your struggle. Many Ohio residents are facing or have recently overcome similar problems. Some merely had to make a few minor adjustments in their spending habits while others determined a need…

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Eligibility Is Contingent Upon Means Testing

The decision as to whether an individual could file for a nearly complete discharge of debts by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy up until 2005 was a decision made by a bankruptcy judge. At that time, if he or she decided that a debtor wouldn’t be able to repay his or her debts, then he or she would allow the…

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Are You Eligible To File For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If you have plans to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must first learn more about the requirements. Even though you may be interested, it doesn’t mean you meet all the eligibility requirements set forth by the law. Here are some things to remember: Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individual consumers, not business entities If you discharged debt in Chapter…

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Signs Of Depression And How They Might Relate To Your Finances

Like many people in Ohio, you might tend to get a little worried about money matters from time to time. Then again, perhaps you’re more like those who consider themselves as carefree, spontaneous and relaxed when it comes to finances. If you say you relate to the former more than the latter, you are likely to be among the majority.…

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Do You Have Unmanageable Debt?

As time goes by, you’re in the unique position to improve your financial situation. Just the same, if you’re not making sound decisions, you could soon find your situation slowly worsening with the passage of time. If you are buried in debt, it’s important to change your ways as quickly as possible. This means many things, such as: Assess your…

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What Are A Bankruptcy Trustee’s Duties In Chapter 7?

You have finally come to the decision to file for bankruptcy. You undoubtedly had a difficult journey reaching this point, but you may now feel a sense of relief knowing that you have a direction to go that can help you get back on financial track. Of course, bankruptcy has many facets that you may not entirely understand. In particular,…

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Steps To Take To Secure A Loan After Bankruptcy

Although a bankruptcy discharge makes it more difficult to secure a loan, it’s not out of the question. There are many steps you can take to improve the likelihood of an approval. Here’s what you need to do: Review your credit report. It’s important to know exactly where things stand in regard to your credit report, as this helps you…

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