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Put An End To Annoying, Harassing Creditor Calls

Are creditors constantly calling you and sending threatening letters? Common forms of creditor harassment include repeated telephone calls, harassing you at work, sending threatening letters, or even threatening to have you arrested. If you are simply tired of the abuse, our bankruptcy attorneys at Goering & Goering, LLC, can help you. We have been helping clients for more than 60 years with bankruptcy issues such as stopping creditor harassment. We take an aggressive approach and know how to negotiate with creditors, so we can find an effective and efficient solution. You are not alone in your financial battle, we are your advocates and will help you solve your financial difficulties.

Legal Protections Against Creditor Harassment

While most forms of creditor harassment are legal, the law places limits on what creditors can do or say to collect debts. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a debt collector cannot harass, oppress, or abuse you.

In addition to harassment, the law prohibits debt collectors from using false, misleading, or deceptive practices. They cannot threaten to have you arrested, pretend they are an attorney or threaten to do anything they cannot legally do to collect a debt.

According to the FDCPA, creditors may not:

  • Repeatedly call and annoy or harass you
  • Refuse to identify themselves
  • Use obscene or profane language
  • Publish lists of people not paying debts
  • Threaten violence and harm

Unfortunately, many of the laws regarding creditor harassment apply to collection companies, not the original creditor. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can advise you about methods for putting an end to the phone calls and letters.

We Can Stop Creditor Harassment

The most common and effective way to stop all forms of creditor harassment is to file for bankruptcy protection. After the bankruptcy has been filed with the courts, creditors must cease all communication with you. In addition, the bankruptcy process can provide a lasting solution to financial trouble. Our attorneys can help you determine if bankruptcy is the best option in your situation. Call Goering & Goering, LLC, at 513-838-2407 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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