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Has your sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, family business, or other company run into serious debt problems? Have you taken loans or run up debts to suppliers that you cannot pay? Maybe you have been keeping your business going by running up personal credit cards or offering your home as collateral. At Goering & Goering, LLC, our skilled bankruptcy law attorneys can immediately address these situations.

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In this tough, extremely competitive economy, many business owners face an uphill battle. You are certainly not alone if you are running out of options and wondering if it is time to consider bankruptcy. Relatively few firms in our part of Ohio focus on business bankruptcy cases and know how to handle them effectively. At Goering & Goering, LLC, we have that knowledge and expertise to help you.

Real Help Evaluating Your Business Future And Debt Relief Options

We will thoroughly assess your business debts, income and your entire financial situation to help you make the best possible decisions. Your options may include:

  • Exploring non-bankruptcy solutions, such as pursuing debt workouts through direct negotiations with creditors
  • Filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy — if you believe your business is able to pay pennies on the dollar and you can develop a plan to reorganize and become profitable
  • Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to stop creditor actions against you and eliminate debts — if closing or liquidating your business makes the most sense

We understand how difficult it is to operate a successful business. We know that many factors beyond your control likely led you to this point. You can count on our legal team for practical, realistic answers to your questions about Chapter 11, reorganization, Chapter 7 business bankruptcy, individual bankruptcy, and ways to protect personal assets or prepare to sell your business.

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Conveniently located in Cincinnati, our business bankruptcy lawyers primarily serve clients in Hamilton County, Brown County, Clermont County, and the surrounding communities. To schedule a free consultation, call 513-838-2407 or contact us online.

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