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Signs Of Depression And How They Might Relate To Your Finances

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Bankruptcy

Like many people in Ohio, you might tend to get a little worried about money matters from time to time. Then again, perhaps you’re more like those who consider themselves as carefree, spontaneous and relaxed when it comes to finances. If you say you relate to the former more than the latter, you are likely to be among the majority.

Studies show that your financial status can affect your mental health either positively or negatively. In fact, a serious financial crisis can lead to depression. Of course, if you’re not familiar with the symptoms of depression, you might not even know you have a problem when one exists. On the other hand, most financial problems are temporary and if you know where to seek guidance, you may be able to find solutions that not only restore financial stability but also improve your mental health as well.

Do you relate to one or more of these issues?

The good news is that there are experienced mental health professionals available in Ohio who can not only diagnose depression, but can help you cope with your condition. If you relate to the following symptoms of depression, you might want to discuss your feelings with a licensed counselor:

  • Feeling irritable and easily provoked to anger
  • Feeling hungry all the time or not wanting to eat at all
  • Experiencing feelings of malaise and not taking interest in your usual hobbies
  • Wanting to sleep all the time or simply feeling dragged down
  • Tendencies toward self-harm or violence
  • Feeling sad, hopeless or in despair

If you’ve had a busy but otherwise typical week at work and at home, and you feel tired, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an underlying mental health condition in need of treatment. However, if you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms on this list, it is at least suggestive that you may want to seek further diagnosis as to the source.

When mental health and finances intersect

Your money problems may be affecting your mental health if you notice that your feelings of depression ebb and flow in conjunction with your financial situation. Many people who suffer from depression ultimately determine that their symptoms are connected to their reactions and anxiety toward financial problems in their lives. The following list includes possible solutions to help you feel better and to restore your finances:

  • Counseling sessions with a mental health professional
  • Talking to others who relate to your situation, like a close friend or family member who has gone through similar experiences
  • Researching tangible options for debt relief
  • Meeting with an experienced debt relief advocate

When financial problems feel like they are getting out of control and you feel stressed, frightened or helpless, try to stay calm and tap into available support resources to explore possible options for overcoming the obstacles you’re facing and to lay the groundwork toward a stronger financial future.