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Possible benefits of seeking debt relief via bankruptcy

The process of choosing a path with which to seek relief from the burdens of debt can be stressful and intimidating. While bankruptcy could be just the tool to help provide much-needed debt relief during times of financial strain, some may have reservations about...

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Seeking relief from the trials of medical debt

While some issues with monetary strain could stem from poor decision-making, certain types of financial challenges could prove nearly impossible to avoid at times. Medical debt is a type of issue that continues to affect many families and even a one-time trip to the...

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Credit card debt remains an issue for many consumers

Recent financial challenges stemming from issues such as inflation have continued to place a significant strain on the lives of many families. In some cases, individuals in Ohio who struggle to keep up with monetary obligations may even turn to lines of credit for aid...

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What is the automatic stay in bankruptcy?

Many individuals may feel that being subjected to constant collection attempts can be one of the most imposing aspects of dealing with debt concerns. Those who have questions about the best path to take to seek relief from the trials of debt and protection from...

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Possible challenges of entering retirement in debt

There are many individuals who may put significant effort into planning and saving retirement. While individuals in Ohio who are approaching retirement might not want to let anything disrupt their plans for the golden years, this might not always be so simple. The...

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Steps to take when preparing for the bankruptcy process

Going through prolonged periods of monetary strain can be daunting and the strain of the situation could take a toll on various aspects of one’s life. While outlets such as bankruptcy might be just the path with which to help individuals in Ohio seek relief from the...

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Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Anyone in Ohio facing insurmountable debt may benefit from filing for bankruptcy. Two types of consumer bankruptcy filings are available: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Here is a rundown of what both types of bankruptcy involve. Chapter 7 bankruptcy The Chapter 7 option is...

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Choosing bankruptcy or defaulting on debt

People in Ohio may refuse to pay their debts if they cannot stay on top of their bills. This is called defaulting. However, their lenders may still sue them for the amounts they owe or sell their loans to collection agencies. Bankruptcy may be the best option for...

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Addressing the options when facing wage garnishment

Those who struggle with significant amounts of debt may encounter various challenges that might leave them feeling strained to make ends meet. Those who fall behind on financial obligations may find that the situation could continue to grow out of hand and may...

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