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Choosing bankruptcy or defaulting on debt

People in Ohio may refuse to pay their debts if they cannot stay on top of their bills. This is called defaulting. However, their lenders may still sue them for the amounts they owe or sell their loans to collection agencies. Bankruptcy may be the best option for...

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Addressing the options when facing wage garnishment

Those who struggle with significant amounts of debt may encounter various challenges that might leave them feeling strained to make ends meet. Those who fall behind on financial obligations may find that the situation could continue to grow out of hand and may...

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Can You Purchase a Home After Bankruptcy?

With bankruptcy, it’s difficult to understand exactly how your life will change. On the plus side, you can reduce and/or eliminate some or all of your debts. Conversely, bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit report and score, thus making it more difficult to secure a loan in the future. Although it’s not easy, you can buy a…

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To File Or Not To File For Bankruptcy: That Is The Question

Are you currently trying to keep your head above water because of financial problems? Regardless of what exact issues derailed your money train, you are definitely not alone in your struggle. Many Ohio residents are facing or have recently overcome similar problems. Some merely had to make a few minor adjustments in their spending habits while others determined a need…

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Signs Of Depression And How They Might Relate To Your Finances

Like many people in Ohio, you might tend to get a little worried about money matters from time to time. Then again, perhaps you’re more like those who consider themselves as carefree, spontaneous and relaxed when it comes to finances. If you say you relate to the former more than the latter, you are likely to be among the majority.…

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Facing Financial Problems Due To One Or More Of These Issues?

When is the last time you reviewed the Ohio economy and considered its current state in relation to your own finances? If that question made you shrug your shoulders and say that you don’t recall ever doing such a thing, you are likely not the only one. Many people live from day-to-day without considering how various external factors may impact…

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Do You Know Bankruptcy Facts From Fiction?

Has your financial situation gone through ups and downs during the last 5 or 10 years? Any number of unforeseen circumstances can rock your financial boat, especially an unexpected decrease in income (or loss of employment altogether) as well as a sudden medical urgency or other family crises. If you experience several financial upheavals, you may find your finances so…

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If Creditors Take Action Against You, Bankruptcy Could Help

You have reached a point in your life where you realize that your financial troubles can no longer be ignored. For a time, you may have convinced yourself that your situation did not pose a considerable issue or that you could get a handle on your affairs when you reached a point you designated in your mind. However, that point…

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Headed Off Course Financially? These Tips Might Help

Have you ever noticed that life changes have a way of catching you off guard sometimes? While there are certain things in life you plan for or come to expect, other situations or issues may arise suddenly, without notice, or develop over time without you being quite aware of what’s happening. For instance, sometimes, romantic relationships decline little by little,…

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Minimum Monthly Payments Can Keep You Underwater

If your budget is precariously balanced, one unforeseen expense can send it toppling. A car repair, appliance replacement or unexpected medical bill can wipe out your meager savings or force you to recalculate the amounts you can pay to your other creditors. A credit card can be a lifesaver in such situations. After taking care of the emergency, you can…

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