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Life After Bankruptcy

When Should I File For Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a very useful form of financial relief for many different borrowers, and it is finally receiving more recognition as a normal part of doing business and living as a consumer in America. Under the protection of bankruptcy law, overextended debtors can discharge significant portions of their debt in return for restrictions on future financial privileges for a set…

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Benefits Of Filing Bankruptcy Before Divorce

When hard times arrive on your doorstep, they may not be alone. Often, a person considering a bankruptcy is also on the verge of divorce, for instance. You can ask any mental health professional and they will almost certainly agree that divorce and bankruptcy are two of the most stressful experiences that a person can endure. In such seasons of…

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Bankruptcy On The Rise Among Older Americans

Regardless of how you identify politically, there’s a good chance that you and nearly everyone else in the country can agree on at least one thing: the cost of healthcare is currently very high. For many seniors, the costs of healthcare are gutting their retirements, leaving them with barely any resources once they pull through an injury or sickness. In…

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Can My Landlord Evict Me During My Bankruptcy?

If you rent your living space rather than own it, it is important to understand your options and rights as a tenant when you consider bankruptcy. Depending on many factors in your rental history and your financial needs, you may need to take very specific actions to receive all the benefits a bankruptcy offers. Bankruptcy can help you get back…

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What Is Fraud In Bankruptcy?

Part of executing a successful bankruptcy is avoiding bankruptcy fraud. If you’re already in a difficult enough position to consider bankruptcy, you may also fall prey to the temptation to try and manipulate the system for your own gain. This is not wise, and may end up placing you in a bigger mess than the one that justifies the bankruptcy…

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Using An Automatic Stay In Bankruptcy

One of greatest sources of relief that bankruptcy can offer is the automatic stay placed on collection efforts. This stay affects different types of accounts differently and does not automatically halt every kind of collections. However, it can still offer a great deal of relief from many different types of collection actions. An automatic stay can help you get back…

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Consider Filing For Bankruptcy Before Filing For Divorce

Your marriage is crumbling and your finances are in shambles. You and your spouse are considering divorce, while at the same time weighing options for bankruptcy. You are truly in a difficult situation, and it is reasonable that you could face difficulty maintaining an objective point of view. However, before you go filing divorce papers, you should consider consulting with…

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3 Ways You Could Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

For many Ohio residents, the negative stigma surrounding bankruptcy may result in their forgoing this option for debt relief. For you and others, the idea that the process may wreck your credit score with no chance of recovery could play a significant role in your hesitation toward following this route. However, you may find it beneficial to understand that bankruptcy…

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The Timing Of Discharge In Bankruptcy

If you’re considering bankruptcy, you probably have some questions about the actual process of a bankruptcy and when the benefits begin. Bankruptcies are not simple matters, so there is no purely single explanation of when the discharge of a bankruptcy occurs. Between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, the discharge occurs at different points of time after different qualifications are met…

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Improving Credit After A Bankruptcy

After you file for bankruptcy, you may worry that you’ll never have good credit again. Fortunately, this does not have to be true, if you take proactive steps to improve your credit. A bankruptcy will certainly hurt your credit in the short term, but the damage does not have to last forever. With time and careful, consistent work, you can…

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