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September 2017 Archives

Using an automatic stay in bankruptcy

One of greatest sources of relief that bankruptcy can offer is the automatic stay placed on collection efforts. This stay affects different types of accounts differently and does not automatically halt every kind of collections. However, it can still offer a great deal of relief from many different types of collection actions.

Demystifying the means test

You may be at the point where you struggle just to make ends meet each month. Creditors call you as often as they can in an attempt to get you to pay them. Your stress level is high, and you realize that bankruptcy could be the debt relief option you need.

Can I discharge medical debt through bankruptcy?

As a country, we may seem more divided than ever at the moment, but if there's any one thing that people seem to all agree on, it's that medical care is very, very expensive in America. In fact, medical debt is the most common reason that Americans file for bankruptcy. Even if you have insurance, one catastrophic injury or major surgery can put you so deep in the hole financially that you may never actually be able to climb out without going homeless. Despite the variety of opinions about how to fix our health care system, very few individuals will actually claim that any person should go homeless or starve because of medical debt.

Consider filing for bankruptcy before filing for divorce

Your marriage is crumbling and your finances are in shambles. You and your spouse are considering divorce, while at the same time weighing options for bankruptcy. You are truly in a difficult situation, and it is reasonable that you could face difficulty maintaining an objective point of view. However, before you go filing divorce papers, you should consider consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

3 ways you could rebuild your credit after bankruptcy

For many Ohio residents, the negative stigma surrounding bankruptcy may result in their forgoing this option for debt relief. For you and others, the idea that the process may wreck your credit score with no chance of recovery could play a significant role in your hesitation toward following this route. However, you may find it beneficial to understand that bankruptcy will not permanently lower your credit score.

The timing of discharge in bankruptcy

If you're considering bankruptcy, you probably have some questions about the actual process of a bankruptcy and when the benefits begin. Bankruptcies are not simple matters, so there is no purely single explanation of when the discharge of a bankruptcy occurs. Between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, the discharge occurs at different points of time after different qualifications are met or deadlines reached.

Can I keep property in Chapter 13?

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. One of the most common fears that those considering bankruptcy carry is that they will have to forfeit their belongings and the life that they've fought to build in the process. While this is a well-founded fear in many respects, the good news is that under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor can work toward paying off and discharging all his or her debt while retaining most or all personal property.