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Can I Discharge Medical Debt Through Bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Credit Card and Medical Bill Debt

As a country, we may seem more divided than ever at the moment, but if there’s any one thing that people seem to all agree on, it’s that medical care is very, very expensive in America. In fact, medical debt is the most common reason that Americans file for bankruptcy. Even if you have insurance, one catastrophic injury or major surgery can put you so deep in the hole financially that you may never actually be able to climb out without going homeless. Despite the variety of opinions about how to fix our health care system, very few individuals will actually claim that any person should go homeless or starve because of medical debt.

However, this is exactly the dilemma many in America face every day. Fortunately, if this echoes your own experience, you may be able to discharge much or all of your medical debt through a carefully planned and executed bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is one of the most important powers granted to the court, giving it the ability to order debts discharged if an individual qualifies. It is important to understand, of course, that bankruptcy is not simple, easy and fast. As Michael Scott once learned in the American version of The Office, one cannot simply “declare” bankruptcy. In order to take advantage of this opportunity afforded by the law, one must follow very specific guidelines and timetables, often sacrificing some possessions.

If you need relief from crushing medical debt, you should consider consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Professional guidance through your bankruptcy ensures that you do not accidentally jeopardize your discharge or miss important benefits along the way. You may be closer to freedom from medical debt than you think!