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Unfair Collections Tactics Should Not Be Tolerated

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | Bankruptcy

Debt is one of the true horrors of the modern world. As we become more unavoidably connected, personal debt takes on an eternal life that makes it almost impossible to outrun, even legitimately. As debt moves from one creditor to a second and third and so on, the context of the original debt becomes lost, leaving only raw information in spreadsheets that one creditor may buy from another. For the consumer, this can lead to an everlasting cycle of bizarre harassment and unfair practices at the hands of impersonal collectors.

For some, debts are fossils of a past life that are lingering long past their expected expiration date, having grown to monstrous sizes through years of accumulating fees and interest. For others, the debts they are being pursued to settle are not even entirely their own — they may have taken on debt through an ill-advised co-signing, or possibly taken on a former spouse’s debt in a divorce settlement. To the collector, these sorts of factors are irrelevant. The debtor is merely a name and a figure on a list to be found and harassed until some payment is made.

Unfair collection practices are sadly all too common in the industry. While the government has recently begun to provide greater protections for debtors, bankruptcy remains one of the most effective remedies against unfair collections practices. With the help of an experienced attorney, the full strength of the law can be utilized in order to provide some protection and relief from unfair collections practices. If you are ready to stop the neverending collections tactics and take control of your life back, proper legal representation can help create the perfect plan for your needs.