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Creditor Harassment

Your Rights Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act

As a consumer, you have a number of rights that may help you retain control and confidence in the face of considerable debt. Among these are the protections you enjoy under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which seeks to promote fair and accurate practices within credit bureaus. If you find that some party or another violates your rights, you…

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How Does Wage Garnishment Work, And How Can I Make It Stop?

There are many unpleasant consequences to owing a significant amount of debt. From dealing with constant harassment from creditors to facing threats of foreclosure, it can be both stressful and overwhelming for an Ohio consumer. This is especially true when you start losing part of your paycheck to wage garnishment. While it may seem hard to believe, it is actually…

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What Qualifies As Creditor Harassment?

Contact from creditors is just one of the many consequences of overwhelming debt. You know that when you fall behind on your payments, it is normal to receive phone calls and deal with bills and late notices that come in the mail, but there are limits to what creditors can do. Even when in debt, you do not have to…

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Are Debt Collectors Violating Your Consumer Rights?

If you have overwhelming debt, you undoubtedly think about your unpaid balances on a regular basis. You may wonder how you can get out from under your liabilities in a timely and effective manner. Because the debt itself can cause you to experience significant stress, your situation may worsen if you begin to feel harassed by debt collectors. Though collection…

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