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Credit Card and Medical Bill Debt

Bankruptcy Automatic Stay May Help Halt Harassment

Facing substantial debt can leave you feeling a myriad of emotions. You may wonder how you could get out from under the outstanding balances you owe and feel considerable stress due to constant creditor calls. This stress can have significant effects on multiple areas of your life, including your overall health. Therefore, you may wish to consider exploring bankruptcy and…

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Medical Debt Is The Most Common Cause Of Bankruptcy

The past year has proven without a doubt that the country is deeply divided on nearly every political and social issue that America currently faces. If there is anything that it seems like everyone can agree on, one way or another, it is that the cost medical care in our country is simply astronomical. While this is not the forum…

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How Can You Deal With Overwhelming Credit Card Debt?

Credit cards can be useful for the average Ohio consumer, but when the balance becomes unmanageable, this can eventually snowball into a serious financial problem. Credit card debt is one of the most common types of debt because many people use their cards when cash flow is limited, or they depend on credit in the event of an emergency. If…

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Signs Of A Credit Repair Scam

If you are overwhelmed by debt, you may be weighing the advantages and disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy or maybe seeking the help of one of the many businesses that purport to repair your credit. This is an important decision, one which may determine many things about how you go about your life for many years. Unfortunately, many credit repair…

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What Is The FICO Score 9?

The FICO Score 9 is a credit score, and it’s one of the newest versions. The companies that report on credit are always trying to improve the way that they do so to make it more accurate. While these scores do take into account many of the things you’d expect — your debt, missed payments, lines of credit and more…

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Debt Issues Loom Large On A Fixed Income

In March of this year, statistics showed that the average revolving debt on credit cards was $16,048 for households in America. When adding those without revolving debt into the picture, the average drops to $5,700, and the median is even lower, at $2,300. However, for people who have retired, this type of debt can be very problematic. People often assume…

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Credit Card Debt And Medical Debt Can Lead To Bankruptcy

The holiday season is coming up, and that means that many families will cram into their local shopping centers and malls to buy their loved ones gifts. After many of these purchases, the customer will end up swiping a credit card through the card reader, and in doing so racking up some serious debt that they will have to deal…

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