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Month: July 2017

Dealing With The High Cost Of Higher Education

Many college students are unable to fully fund their education through scholarships and savings, which is why thousands of students graduate college already deep in debt with student loans. Student loans are quite common, but many people who take on this debt do not realize the significant impact that it can have for years, even decades down the road. If…

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Yes, You Can Get A Mortgage After Bankruptcy

For many people, filing for bankruptcy can feel like a jumping off a cliff and not knowing what waits at the bottom. If you are considering bankruptcy, this fear can keep you from moving forward and creating a real second chance for yourself. Among the other things that worry people about life after bankruptcy is whether or not they’ll ever…

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Can I Protect Investments From Chapter 13?

When a person begins to consider a bankruptcy, often he or she has many concerns about which pieces of his or her property can be exempted from the process. Persons with various investments have a good deal of homework to do if they want to fully understand which of their investments may withstand the process and which face the greatest…

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Will Chapter 7 Liquidate My Home Or Retirement Savings?

When you begin to consider filing for bankruptcy, it is understandable that you may have many concerns about what you’ll have to give up in exchange for a fresh start, especially when it comes to your home or retirement assets. While a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does require you to liquidate assets in order to discharge some or all of your…

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If I File For Bankruptcy, Will I Have To Give Up My Stuff?

What Assets Can You Keep in Bankruptcy? Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. One of the most common things that hold Ohio residents back from making this often beneficial decision is the fear of losing personal property. While this is a normal fear, people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy often find themselves relieved to learn that they…

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Court Rules In Favor Of Chapter 7 Debtor

A recent bankruptcy court decision may mark a significant step forward in the flexibility that debtors have when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The court ruled that it was not an abuse of Chapter 7 for the man to claim expenses for maintaining two separate homes. The trustee overseeing the bankruptcy petitioned the court to recognize the man’s claim as an…

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