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Year: 2016

What Is The Advantage Of Paycheck Deduction In Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an excellent tool for many people who have found themselves unable to get on top of their debt. More than many other forms of bankruptcy, Chapter 13 places an emphasis on enabling a debtor to make good on many debts rather than simply abandoning them. This can make Chapter 13 plans attractive to both the debtors…

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Will I Lose My Property After Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If you are struggling under the weight of overwhelming debt, you may be considering your options on how to find relief from your situation. While you may have considered Chapter 7 bankruptcy as an option, you may be worried that you will lose your most important assets, such as your house and car, during the process. The good news is…

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Bankruptcy-Exempt Property Under Chapter 7

If you’re considering bankruptcy, chances are you are already familiar with the pressure of looking around at what worldly possessions you have and wondering if you will have anything left by the time you get to the other side of whatever difficult season you are in. The good news for those who are concerned that they will be left homeless…

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Do I Qualify For A Chapter 13 Hardship Discharge?

For many across the country who are languishing in a pile of debt that seems insurmountable, filing for bankruptcy is often a last resort that can offer some much-needed relief. However, not all bankruptcies are created equal, with each different type entailing different provisions and benefits. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an excellent option for those who do wish to make…

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Post-Bankruptcy Credit Rebuilding Steps

It is possible to get loans after you declare bankruptcy. In some ways, it actually makes lenders more confident in you because you’re only allowed to use Chapter 7 bankruptcy every eight years. If you just used it, you can’t use it again to get rid of your brand new debts. Still, to make yourself more attractive to lenders, it’s…

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What Are The Positives Of Filing For Bankruptcy?

“Bankruptcy” can be an intimidating word. You don’t want to think about going through it and you probably don’t want to file unless you absolutely have to. While it is a very big decision that requires time to consider and weigh options, there are actually quite a few advantages to filing for bankruptcy. Some of your biggest concerns regarding bankruptcy…

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What Is The FICO Score 9?

The FICO Score 9 is a credit score, and it’s one of the newest versions. The companies that report on credit are always trying to improve the way that they do so to make it more accurate. While these scores do take into account many of the things you’d expect — your debt, missed payments, lines of credit and more…

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Remember To Consider Emotions When Filing For Bankruptcy

People often think about bankruptcy in a very clerical, legalistic way. It is very important to know about the legal steps you need to take to use bankruptcy, as it has to be done in a specific fashion, but there is another side to the process. Experts point out that it’s crucial to consider the emotional toll and the stress…

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Do Not Let Your Divorce Leave You On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

There are many changes that a person will experience after a divorce, and it can be a very stressful situation for everyone involved. One of the biggest differences for newly divorced people is the change that they will see in their finances. They will be going from two incomes to one, and this is something that will have a significant…

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Student Loan Debt And Bankruptcy

National statistics show that U.S. college students and graduates owe more than $1.2 trillion dollars in student loan debt. This mindboggling figure has raised red flags among many economists who are concerned about many borrowers’ ability to repay these debts. For people with student loan debt, one of the common beliefs is that student loans cannot be discharged in a…

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