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Yes, you can rebuild your credit score

Whether your debt is still a constant struggle or you are already in the process of bankruptcy, you may have concerns that your credit score will never rise to useful levels, or may take a punishingly long time to do so. The good news is that your credit score can and will go up, if you consistently make certain financial choices, but the bad news is that these choices are rarely easy, and the process takes time.

Your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

As a consumer, you have a number of rights that may help you retain control and confidence in the face of considerable debt. Among these are the protections you enjoy under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which seeks to promote fair and accurate practices within credit bureaus. If you find that some party or another violates your rights, you may have grounds to pursue legal action against them in addition to enforcing your rights.

Debtors have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

As a consumer, it is always wise to understand the rights you have under the law, especially when it comes to carrying consumer debt. As a consumer accrues debt, he or she may find that creditors and debt collectors are surprisingly willing to violate a consumer's rights in order to collect repayment. Many instances of this type of behavior are illegal, but still remain common practices in debt collection and reporting.

Avoiding bankruptcy foreclosure scams

When a person faces foreclosure, it is very easy to make a serious financial blunder because of the enormous personal and financial pressures that accompany the foreclosure process. In desperation, many individuals find hope in the offerings of disreputable businesses that scam homeowners already in a dire situation. It is important to know the warning signs of a foreclosure scam if you find yourself facing a similar difficult season.

When should I file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a very useful form of financial relief for many different borrowers, and it is finally receiving more recognition as a normal part of doing business and living as a consumer in America. Under the protection of bankruptcy law, overextended debtors can discharge significant portions of their debt in return for restrictions on future financial privileges for a set amount of time.

Benefits of filing bankruptcy before divorce

When hard times arrive on your doorstep, they may not be alone. Often, a person considering a bankruptcy is also on the verge of divorce, for instance. You can ask any mental health professional and they will almost certainly agree that divorce and bankruptcy are two of the most stressful experiences that a person can endure. In such seasons of extreme difficulty, it is often difficult to see very far into the future, especially if a person is trying to determine whether he or she should file for bankruptcy or divorce first.