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January 2017 Archives

Dealing with the high cost of higher education

Many college students are unable to fully fund their education through scholarships and savings, which is why thousands of students graduate college already deep in debt with student loans. Student loans are quite common, but many people who take on this debt do not realize the significant impact that it can have for years, even decades down the road.

How do I look past bankruptcy and rebuild personally?

The prospect of facing bankruptcy can be overwhelming on nearly every level. It is normal, even expected, for you to be weighed down by the process. The good news is that it is never too early to begin looking past bankruptcy and preparing yourself for life on the other side. Building a new life after a bankruptcy is just as much emotional as it is practical, and you owe it to yourself to address all areas that are affected by the process.

Woman files for Chapter 7 after failed holiday craft fairs

Bankruptcy is an important legal tool that can be used to grant an individual a fresh start when they find themselves in over their head financially. However, some people see bankruptcy as a means to protect themselves after a series of unscrupulous business dealings. Just such a scene recently began to play out for a woman with a reputation for shady practices, just a few states to the West in Iowa.

How to deny your mortgage holder the pleasure of foreclosing

If unanticipated financial issues caused your mortgage payments on your Cincinnati home to fall behind, you might have tried other options, such as refinancing or working out a modified payment plan. If your lenders refused to accommodate you, you could deny them the pleasure of foreclosing on your property by filing for personal bankruptcy.

Consumer rights in multiple annual percentage rate scenarios

Credit card debt can be one of the most frustrating and destructive liabilities for a consumer. Fortunately, the government recognizes that consumers deserve some protections against lenders who may use unfair or even dehumanizing practices. Under the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, consumers are afforded a number of rights that can help them manage credit card debt more effectively and avoid unfair treatment in the process.

The Limited files for bankruptcy

Even great ideas come to an end sometimes, and the bankruptcy filing of The Limited store chain demonstrates that it can happen to anyone. The chain, which focused on professional attire aimed at women in the workplace, was founded more than 50 years ago right here in Ohio. However, the business model was built around the shopping mall experience, which has been in significant decline for well over a decade.

How could filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy be beneficial to me?

Just about everything in life has its pros and cons. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is no different. If you are considering a bankruptcy filing, it is okay to take the time to determine if the positives of taking such a step outweigh any potential negatives. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assist Ohio residents in deciding what, if any, legal options - such as Chapter 13 filings -- would best to help them deal with their financial struggles.