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December 2016 Archives

Unfair collections tactics should not be tolerated

Debt is one of the true horrors of the modern world. As we become more unavoidably connected, personal debt takes on an eternal life that makes it almost impossible to outrun, even legitimately. As debt moves from one creditor to a second and third and so on, the context of the original debt becomes lost, leaving only raw information in spreadsheets that one creditor may buy from another. For the consumer, this can lead to an everlasting cycle of bizarre harassment and unfair practices at the hands of impersonal collectors.

How can you deal with overwhelming credit card debt?

Credit cards can be useful for the average Ohio consumer, but when the balance becomes unmanageable, this can eventually snowball into a serious financial problem. Credit card debt is one of the most common types of debt because many people use their cards when cash flow is limited, or they depend on credit in the event of an emergency.

Attorney suffers stroke during bankruptcy procedure

On of the many advantages of employing a bankruptcy procedure is the ability of the courts to discharge a debtor's debts under exceptionally difficult circumstances that are deemed beyond the control of the debtor. This component of bankruptcy is referred to as a hardship discharge. Just such a circumstance was demonstrated recently in a surprisingly literal manner when an attorney undergoing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy was granted a hardship discharge after suffering a stroke that left him unable to practice law.

How much do you know about Bankruptcy? Take the test!

For over 30 years Robert Goering has been teaching the Bankruptcy Law Class at Chase College of Law. This is part of the 2016 exam that was recently administered covering Bankruptcy Law. Test your knowledge...

Bankruptcy does not have to be emtionally devastating

Bankruptcy is not a procedure to be taken lightly, and those who choose to employ it will almost certainly pay an emotional toll. The good news is that proper preparation can help you to make the most of a bankruptcy procedure and healthfully deal with many of the issues that arise before they can take a heavy toll.

What happens after bankruptcy?

There are many misconceptions about the bankruptcy process, and these ill-informed opinions are a large reason why people refrain from seeking much-needed relief through bankruptcy protection. You may not know a lot about bankruptcy, but for many people facing overwhelming debt, it is a reasonable, beneficial choice.

For-profit college files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is certainly not limited to individuals, as one for-profit college with a branch in Ohio recently demonstrated. Although the college had operated for 30 years, the changing landscape of education forced the establishment to close it's doors and file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Like any bankruptcy, there will be some fallout, as more than a thousand students are still without degrees and hundreds of faculty and staff members are now without employment.