Student Loans And Bankruptcy

The rising costs of higher education and a persistently tough job market have put many young, well-educated people in unworkable financial situations. If you are in default on student loans — or struggling each month to make these payments and keep up with other bills — you are far from alone.

There Are Numerous Possible Solutions To Student Loan Repayment Problems

In all but extreme cases involving serious medical problems or other hardship, it is currently not possible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. However, the best step you can take if they are a problem for you is to meet with an attorney who will explain all your debt relief options. Consider that:

  • A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing may enable you to essentially defer loans and pay only interest for a period of three to five years.
  • Although filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not eliminate student loan debt, its effectiveness in discharging other debts such as credit card balances may free up the money you need to catch up and keep up.
  • An array of federal student loan repayment plans may be available, enabling you to restructure loans and get terms you can manage.

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