Life After Bankruptcy

At Goering & Goering, LLC, we know that no one wants to file bankruptcy. Deciding that this is the best step can be very difficult. Why do people wait? They are concerned about life after bankruptcy.

Straight Answers About Rebuilding Credit And Other Concerns

We believe in helping every client make the best possible decisions. This includes providing reliable information about how bankruptcy will affect your life. Do not believe the myths spread by debt consolidation companies. The realities are:

  • Although a bankruptcy filing will appear on your credit report for seven to 10 years, there are effective ways to start rebuilding credit soon after you file.
  • If you have late payments, loans in default and other serious debt problems, it is likely that your credit score is already low and bankruptcy may allow you to start turning that around.
  • Bankruptcy does not require giving up everything you own. Most filers are able to keep important assets such as equity in homes, vehicles, household goods and retirement accounts.
  • After getting debt relief through consumer bankruptcy, many people successfully obtain credit cards, auto loans and home loans.
  • Living under the stress of creditor harassment and the threat of collection lawsuits can make it impossible to focus on work and family. Bankruptcy may provide a fresh financial start and the relief you need to be productive and happy again.

You may have other concerns based on your future goals. An attorney at our firm can offer guidance on employment, student loan availability, effective ways to rebuild credit and more. We never pressure anyone to file bankruptcy. In fact, we present all other options, including pursuing debt workout solutions or even settlements with creditors.

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