Small Business Bankruptcy

At Goering and Goering we specialize in small business financial restructuring and planning. We can help you strategize to dissolve your current company, work out payment terms with banks, set up Article 9 sales and more. Each small business is very unique but the problems that arise from financial distress are typically similar.

Our experience with small businesses has led us to become the leading bankruptcy firm in Cincinnati when dealing with distressed companies.

We can apply our pre planning bankruptcy strategies to small businesses to either:
1) Guide the company out of financial distress
2) Prepare to sell the small business
3) Organize for an upcoming bankruptcy while saving assets

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If you have questions regarding bankruptcy law, call us for a free initial consultation. We charge competitive fees, offer flexible payment schedules, flexible appointments, and provide free parking. Our firm is easily located on the corner of 3rd and Elm. To contact the Law Office of Goering & Goering, LLC call 513-621-0912.