Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers In Cincinnati

Are you confident that your small business will be profitable in the future — if only you can find a way to restructure the debts you have today? For some Ohio companies in this situation, Chapter 11 "reorganization" bankruptcy is the answer. The Bankruptcy Code also provides Chapter 11 as an option for some individuals with high income but insurmountable debts, often associated with business losses or real estate issues.

Will Restructuring Debt Through Bankruptcy Put You Back On Track?

The complex financial analysis required for successful individual and business Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings is beyond the scope of many lawyers' practices. However, it is a clear strength for us at Goering & Goering, LLC, where our attorneys' qualifications include certification in business bankruptcy law and many decades of relevant experience.

We will listen to your problems and goals. Our process when dealing with a business or an individual in debt is rigorous and focused. Ultimately, your lawyer must have a clear vision of which assets you want to protect and whether bankruptcy makes the most sense. As a business owner, key points to consider are:

  • It will be necessary to show that, if you stay in business, your operations will support a repayment plan for some or all of your debts, perhaps at only pennies on the dollar.
  • In some cases, a Chapter 11 filing is the best way to restructure Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and other bank debts, stop equipment repossessions and lawsuits, gain time to pay back taxes and achieve your specific objectives.

Clear Guidance On The Benefits And Risks Of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

We act as honest business advisers as well as Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys. This means that we will not approach your case with the assumption that bankruptcy is the right move. We will review all possible options and specifically review what you are trying to achieve

If you would like clear, reliable guidance on what the various types of business bankruptcy or consumer bankruptcy may accomplish for you, please schedule your free consultation at our firm.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.