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Improving credit after a bankruptcy

After you file for bankruptcy, you may worry that you'll never have good credit again. Fortunately, this does not have to be true, if you take proactive steps to improve your credit. A bankruptcy will certainly hurt your credit in the short term, but the damage does not have to last forever. With time and careful, consistent work, you can improve your credit score after a bankruptcy.

Yes, you can get a mortgage after bankruptcy

For many people, filing for bankruptcy can feel like a jumping off a cliff and not knowing what waits at the bottom. If you are considering bankruptcy, this fear can keep you from moving forward and creating a real second chance for yourself. Among the other things that worry people about life after bankruptcy is whether or not they'll ever be able to qualify for a mortgage and buy a home.

After bankruptcy, owning less is often helpful

Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotionally exhausting process, and building a life for yourself after a bankruptcy procedure is a difficult task. Some of the difficulties you may face are very practical, but others are more personal, and deal with your approach to living and owning property. While many people come to bankruptcy because of circumstances beyond their control, such as runaway medical debt, others find their way to bankruptcy because of a pattern of buying more than they need or can afford. If your bankruptcy is due to unwise spending, now may be a wise time to reconsider your relationship with the things you own.

Can I lose my job because of bankruptcy?

Many individuals worry that bankruptcy may ruin their professional lives as well as their personal lives. While it is true that bankruptcy often carries some social stigma, the law does offer some important protections to debtors when it comes to the workplace. If you have concerns about your bankruptcy's effect on your career, the law is written in your favor.

Bankruptcy automatic stay may help halt harassment

Facing substantial debt can leave you feeling a myriad of emotions. You may wonder how you could get out from under the outstanding balances you owe and feel considerable stress due to constant creditor calls. This stress can have significant effects on multiple areas of your life, including your overall health. Therefore, you may wish to consider exploring bankruptcy and learning how the process could potentially help.

Man denied bankruptcy because of embezzlement

If you have suffered from some very poor fortune or made some errors in judgment, you may be able to make a clean start through bankruptcy. However, not all debt can be discharged, as one Georgia man learned recently. A bankruptcy court overseeing Northern Georgia ruled on March 6 that a man who had applied for bankruptcy could not discharge debt that he had accrued after attempting to hide money that had been erroneously transferred to his company. Because the court believed he had taken steps to hide the funds from its rightful owner, it considered the debt to be embezzlement, disqualifying him for discharge through bankruptcy.

Man hides bankruptcy assets, gets jail time

Bankruptcy offers an incredible, life-changing opportunity to create a clean slate in your personal and professional life and create a fresh start for yourself. However, it must be undertaken with great sobriety and executed painstakingly, or else you may face serious legal consequences.

What is the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act?

When it seems that life is assaulting us on all sides, it can be difficult to maintain perspective, or even to identify all the options we have available for relief. When considering bankruptcy, those who serve in the military may be eligible for extra protections that strict civilians do not have available. Specifically, the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act offers some specific protections and privileges that can help make a bankruptcy process more effective and less painful altogether.